Cambry quickly returned to the world of vaulting as a coach. And as Cambry is never satisfied with anything less than excellence, she founded her own vaulting club the following year. Cambry has coached both men and women to individual national championships, as well as coaching a national championship team. She recently was accepted into the American Vaulting Association Judge’s program, and will be a certified judge in 2016.
Cambry is also a student at the University of Utah, and is completing her master’s degree in occupational therapy. She plans to help others with spinal cord injuries live full lives, return to what they love, and to passionately follow their dreams.

Although Cambry loves coaching children, and passing on her love for vaulting to others, she has missed competing herself.  She is now pursuing a discipline that combines her love of horses, her eye for detail, and her need to excel - para-dressage!

Again proving that Cambry will not settle for being average, she has set the goal of earning a spot on the U.S. team for para-dressage.  Cambry’s dream is to ride for the United States at the Paralympics in Rio, in 2016.  She has assembled quite a team to help her succeed. Markgaards Donnewind is Cambry’s dressage partner. He crossed the ocean, from his home in Denmark, to join team Cambry. This beautiful Danish warmblood is not new to the world of para-dressage. He carried another para athlete as his previous owner. David Macmillan, USDF gold medalist, a distinguished dressage trainer and rider from South Africa who was short-listed for the London olympics, is Cambry's personal trainer. Julie Young, successful jumping trainer, and owner of horses that compete internationally, is serving as her mentor. 

​To make her dream a reality, Cambry must rely on more than just her drive, talent, and love for horses.  She will need sponsors to help her with competition costs as well as training, boarding and other expenses.  We invite you to join Team Cambry and share in the journey.  Any donations or sponsorships will be greatly appreciated, and please don't hesitate to ask questions or get more information on the selection procedures and trials for the Paralympic Games.  We look forward to teaming up with you as we support someone who is an inspiration to us all.  To help, please click the donation button or contact us via email.

Cambry's story doesn't stop here. Be sure to visit her JOURNEY UPDATES page.

This is the story of a dreamer, an athlete, and an equestrian. It is the story of tragedy, heartbreak, and obstacles, but it is also the story of passion, love, drive, and determination.

​At 18, Cambry Kaylor was smart, pretty, and an elite athlete. She was like most teenagers, busy pursuing her dreams. The most compelling - to become an international competitor in the beautiful sport called Equestrian Vaulting. Technically speaking, vaulting is a combination of dance and gymnastics performed on the back of a cantering horse. Artistically, it is the union of music, horse, and athlete to create an emotionally moving story for an audience.

Cambry found the sport of vaulting at the age of 8. During her 10 year career, she competed for vaulting clubs in Washington, California, and Utah. She was awarded her silver medal, and  competed on two A teams, and a national championship C team.

​In 2005, while practicing with her team for the national championships, Cambry took a tragic fall. During a dismount, she miscommunicated with her partner, catching her foot in his uniform, over rotating onto her back, and severing her spinal cord. The result was paralysis from the waist down. Her life was changed forever and her dreams - well - rendered impossible.

After weeks of physical and emotional struggle in a spinal cord rehabilitation center, and with doctors and psychologists telling her it was too soon, Cambry entered college, the dorm, and her new life in a wheelchair. She was also lifted back onto a horse, and with tears in her eyes, she said it was like having her legs again. 

Cambry's Story